Thursday, September 30, 2010

Embrace 3 Generations

Well, it's that special day when I must get myself in a photo. Today was a day when I just felt that no one would want to see our droopy, snotty faces, so hands it is! Grammie came to visit and caught the tail end of the girls' colds. Now she is sick and baby boy got it too. Luckily I have Mommy Immunity and am healthy enough to take care of everyone else!!!
3 generations of hands on Grammie's sick bed :(

(Sadly there are no diamonds on these hands - Grammie must be really sick!!!)


  1. What a fantastic picture!! 3 generations in one pic... melts my heart! Hope everyone gets to feeling better! ;o)


  2. What a GREAT pic! Glad you are feeling good enough to take care of the troupe!

  3. oh man, hope the colds quickly pass. xoxo.

  4. What a great idea! Definately a shot and moment to be remembered.



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