Friday, September 17, 2010


When I was a freshman at Pepperdine, we had dorm meetings to talk about “B.H.R.” – Basic Human Respect. As young women living away from home for the first time, there were some things we needed to learn about living in community and respecting those around us. Those BHR talks were only the beginning of learning what it means to respect people and live in a way that values others greater than my self. I thought of this the other day as I went to pull into a parking space just as a man was leaving his cart in my spot. Perhaps startled by the sound of my engine, he turned around and looked at me. To my surprise, he didn’t give the “oops, I’m sorry” look, but instead turned back around to leave his cart in front of my car and got into his car! In an instant I began sweating, heart racing, profanity flooding my mind – but with my children in the car I simply yelled, “Come on Buddy, BHR!” I’m not sure if anything makes me more crazy than when people don’t return their carts. It is one of the most selfish and lazy acts. And also one of the most tiny and simple acts! Yes, I am someone who always returns my cart; however, I know there are other things I selfishly do that disrespect those around me. As a follower of Jesus I am called to consider others as more important than myself. If we filter all that we do through that truth, I’m sure there would be a lot more BHR in our world!

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