Friday, February 24, 2012

Mack's 3rd Birthday

 My little handsome turned 3 last week.  I can't believe my baby is 3!!  He was all fired up for his John Deere Tractor party (although the day before he told me he wanted Bob the Builder!).  We had a blast celebrating with all things yellow and green!

The plan was to go to our local farm in the morning and see some animals and ride on the mini tractors.  The birthday party would be later that evening.  All the grandparents met at our house at 9am to head to the farm and everyone was so excited!  Last minute we checked online to make sure the farm opened at 10am and found that the farm is closed for the month of February!  Um... I never even thought that the farm closed, so I didn't check!  Now what?  I had a last minute idea to type in "Southern California John Deere Dealers" into a search and guess what?  We have a huge John Deere dealership only 20 minutes from our house!  Who knew!  (Yes folks, we have lots of farms in Southern California and lots of tractors too - not just movie stars!)  So we switched gears and headed out to the dealer and had the time of our life!

We could sit on any tractor, climb around, pretend to plow the fields... is was incredible.
Best of all, the salesman came out and offered a test drive!  He pulled out this quarter of a million dollar monster and fired her up!  Sadly the little birthday boy was terrified, so his sisters took his turn!
He said, "When I'm bigger, I'll ride it myself." 
For now, he was happy to sit on the small tractors in the showroom!
After the tractor fun, we headed to Sky High (a warehouse of trampolenes) and jumped until we could jump no more.  Back home, after naps, the party was waiting for us.
Our wall of photos was switched out to celebrate the birthday boy and his love of tractors!

The favors were little tractors, trailers and hay bales.
Party Food
The food was fun and some of Mack's favorites!

 I placed the veggies in old strawberry baskets to look like a little farmers' market

 The strawberries (that were picked at our local farm that morning)

were washed and placed back in their crate

BBQ Pork Sandwiches on Hawaiian rolls with coleslaw
I placed the rolls in a wooden crate that was from my children's play kitchen
 Tractor Wheels 'N Cheese
Lemonade in John Deere cups for the kiddos
The cupcakes were placed in Mack's John Deere tractor trailer
Party Games
First up was Pin The Wheel On The Tractor
 The kids wore an oversized John Deere hat to cover their eyes

 And then came the Hay Bale Launch
The kids had one minute to launch as many hay bales as they could from the baler into the wagon -
this was a riot!
 And of course they loved just playing with the tractors!
The birthday boy had a blast
And so did we!
Happy Birthday Macky!
*I hope you'll join me Monday for a new series - A New Life


  1. Ah!!! I love this. Growing up on a farm, almost all of my brothers had a John Deere themed birthday but this one is off the charts. Can't wait to have a boy someday so I can do the same!!

  2. wow. You inspire me. can you come do my parties?

  3. yes Lyric, I'd love to come create girlie parties for you anytime!! xoxoxo

  4. Oh my gosh! I love these ideas!I know my son would LOVE that party. Great job.

  5. Love the John Deere Theme,
    My father would love this. I think I will do something like you have done for the cupcake toppers.

  6. I just came across this on pinterest, your tractor wheels and cheese look amazing, do you give out the recipe??

    1. Hi Holly,
      Here is the recipe
      I used wheel pasta instead of elbows!

  7. Love all of these ideas, my little boy loves tractors. :)

  8. Good to see the Eco-friendly post on farming and rural lifestyle and i also like the John Deere Kids Tractors for my kids birthday.

  9. Where did u get the john deer cups?

    1. I think I got them on this site

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