Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Father Daughter

I remember as a little girl how special it was to get to do things with just my Daddy. There was something so magical about it because in my little world Daddy did boy things and that meant doing things with my brother. But on those special times that it was just him and me, I felt like he completely came into my world, did what I loved, and sacrificed his own desires.

Last week my girls got to go on a date with just their Daddy to the Father Daughter Ball. He took them out to buy them dresses and told them they would be his princesses and he would be their prince at the ball. They couldn’t have been more excited!

They looked beautiful.

After they got home that night and the girls were asleep, I couldn’t wait to get all the details! My husband said it was a great night, but he wasn’t quite sure if the girls had a wonderful time. They were coming off colds and not feeling 100%, they waited in line for a very long time for an activity that they didn’t get to do, and they only danced a little before they were too tired to carry on. My heart sunk a little. In the morning I asked the girls if they had a good time at the ball and they were all aglow. They couldn’t stop talking about it!

I remembered back to the Father Daughter dance I had gone to with my dad as a little girl. I remembered some of the special father daughter events we went to and I can’t tell you any details of what we did on those dates, but I can tell you that they were amazing and I never felt so special. Just being alone with my Daddy on a date was more impacting than any activity, party favor or game.

Sometimes I get caught up in the details of things – I want everything to go smoothly and dare I say it, perfectly. I get so distracted by creating special moments that I don’t just live in the special moment I’m in. Children remind me that more than anything, they just want to be with us, have our undivided attention, and have us let go of our ideas and just live in theirs.

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  1. oh my goodness! they look so beautiful!! such a sweet night for them to cherish!



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