Monday, February 6, 2012

Intentional Marriage - The H Project

Today I'm so excited to have my very first guest post by my dear friend Gretchen.
6 years ago my husband officiated her wedding to her lovely husband Tom. 

They now have 2 adorable children and just moved to Chattanooga Tennessee, leaving us behind in Southern California where we miss them terribly!
Gretchen is a stunning woman of God who has a passion to get family right - most importantly, starting with her marriage.  Today she is going to share something special that has done great things for her marriage! 

And let me make a little disclaimer before she gets started - this post is for women only!  So, if you are a husband, STOP reading now!  I mean it.  (Not sure if there are any other men that read this blog except my dad and husband!)
The ‘H’ Project

A Valentine tradition just waiting to be made!!!

I am so thankful that Raeanne has opened her wonderful blog to this non-writer to share with all of you about something that has the potential to change your heart and your marriage.

If there is something that happened last year, that I can’t stop talking about, it is what has come do be known affectionately as “The H Project.” As I attempt to put down in words all that this project is my prayer is that you catch the H Project fever and your marriage and family reap the rewards.

Last year my heart was changed when I accepted an invitation to do The Husband Project “21 Days of Loving Your Man on Purpose and with a Plan” with two dear friends. As a Mommy of a one year old and a two year old, I needed all the help I could get.

When the book finally arrived I snuck away to thumb through it quickly (and privately). Now I know what you might be thinking, and no ladies, this isn’t a project about sex! (although there are bonus projects that you can do in that regards) but one of the keys of this project is that you do your projects secretly. There is something HEART CHANGING when you do something, covered in prayer, and simply because you love someone, not expecting anything in return.

Each of the 21 days involves a different type of project. One day you might be surprising your husband with his favorite dessert and insisting that he eat it ALL by himself. It probably seems like you should get a bite or two because he will want to share it with you, but there is something that changes inside your heart and his when you say, “No honey, I got that for you.” HEART CHANGING! Another day you may be asked to simply point out the amazing things he does. HEART CHANGING! Or perhaps you might give him the night or morning off by suggesting he stop and hit some golf balls at the driving range on his way home. HEART CHANGING! Not to mention post it notes…those little sheets hold a lot of potential. HEART CHANGING!

When I say HEART CHANGING I am talking about my own heart (although I am sure his was impacted too). You see, I have wonderful ways to express love, encouragement, and thankfulness to my love but they have usually been ways that come naturally to me. I was speaking in my love language. These projects opened my heart to his love languages, and stretched me to use love languages that aren’t as familiar or comfortable for me…I grew and my HEART CHANGED!

It is 21 days, covered in prayer, that will change your heart and your marriage.

Tips to making this project work.

The Husband Project: 21 Days of Loving Your Man--on Purpose and with a Plan1. Pick a team! I trust that God will provide two friends to join your team. Ask Him who they should be. You may not know but He does.

2. Order the book. If you all order the book together you can save on shipping. This Mommy likes a good deal!

3. Set up a planning meeting. This is a chance for your team to get together and plan out each of your activities for the next 21 days. It is fun to do it together and makes for easier accountability.

4. Set a start date! Do not put it off or it will never happen. We all have the best intentions and I guarantee that there isn’t a better time to start this than now.

5. Pray! What makes this project different then the rest is that you are doing this with God on your team. Each project comes with a prayer and that is HEART CHANGING!

6. Share the secret! Once you have finished the project share all that God has done and encourage others to get started.

7. Do it again! The Husband Project is something that you will want to do each year. Last year, I did it twice!!!
thanks Gretchie!
CHALLENGE: Get the book and some friends and get started!

FLASHBACK QUESTION:  Are you upholding your husband with your words?


  1. I am so blessed to call Kathi Lipp a friend and mentor - and I also have had my heart changed, and stretched, by The Husband Project.

    I'm a huge Kathi Lipp fan - and I love to hear about the work the Lord is doing through her written words, and as she shares her heart and life with women in person.

    Love this blog, Raeanne.

  2. Adelle - thanks for letting me know about this post.

    Gretchen - What a blessing of a blog post. You made my day - thanks for sharing your heart about how to share your heart!! You are married to a lucky man!

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