Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Thank You God

The other night we were eating dinner and I noticed some pink clouds out the window and quickly ushered everyone out into the front yard to see the sunset. 

It was stunning.  After we all oooooed and ahhhhed for awhile, we started to head back to dinner.  One of my daughters said, “wait mommy, I have to do something.” 

She ran back outside and sat on her knees looking at the sky.  I got closer to her and could hear her say, “thank you God for the sunset.”  Of course I cried!  Out of the 5 of us that ran out to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, only one went back to say thank you.  Reminded me of the lepers who Jesus healed, I think there were 10 of them, and only one went back to thank Jesus.  I do notice all the blessings around me daily.  But do I stop to say thank you?

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