Wednesday, September 15, 2010


My little one was sick this week and I took her to the doctor Monday just to make sure she wasn’t getting something worse. She was terrified when I made the appointment, “I don’t want to get a shot,” she said. I promised that there would be no shots, but this didn’t comfort her. I even told her that if they wanted to give her a shot I would tell them no and we’d run out of there! She still wasn’t confident. On the drive to the doctor’s office I kept reassuring her, “I’m your Mommy, you can trust me, there will be no shots.” Experience would tell her that when you go to see the doctor, you get shots (her past 2 visits warranted this). But shouldn’t her experience with me also tell her to trust what Mommy says? How often does God say, “trust me”? It doesn’t make sense financially to move. It isn’t time to quit your job and look for a new one in this economy. Have another baby – are you crazy? Volunteer, I don’t have time for that. Yet God says, “trust me on this one, I will provide.” Have we stepped out in faith enough and trusted the voice of God, so that experience would tell us to trust Him?

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