Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Be 4

Each day I require my daughters to have “quiet time.” I strategically coordinate their quiet time with my son’s nap so I get a moment of peace! Inevitably the girls aren’t so quiet and I move them into my room so they don’t wake the baby. I checked on them after some time to find them having a blast in my closet, looking like little runway models in tall boots with my purse slung over their shoulder! It was so precious, I had to snap some pics. But it made me think, what’s wrong with being 4? Why do you want to wear high heels and pretend to be grown up? Enjoy the wonder, simplicity and comfy shoes of a 4 year old! What about me? Am I totally living in this moment? Or am I flash forwarding too far ahead? There are simple treasures to be found in every stage of life. If we are focused too much on what treasures are down the road, we’ll miss out on what God has for us today. Just a simple reminder to be 4, or whatever age and stage you are in! Don’t miss it, it won’t come again.

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