Friday, October 1, 2010


It’s October 1st and I’m going to start a special Friday post tradition of being thankful and reflecting on all my blessings – Grateful Heart Fridays. Trust me, I spend most of my time with a critical eye, trying to perfect, improve and straighten most things in my life, but I am convicted that I need a little more gratitude in my heart and appreciation for all the great things surrounding me. One thing I try to cultivate in my children is grateful hearts, and I think that gratitude is not something they are born with, but something they learn. I want to be a Mommy that models a grateful heart to my little ones and trains their eyes to not only see what we can improve, but also what we can appreciate just as it is and say “thank you.” Will you join me? Take some time today, Friday, to cultivate a grateful heart and share what you are thankful for from this past week.

On the way home from school on Wednesday, what felt like out of nowhere, my daughter said, “Mommy, I know what a rainbow means.” My first thought was, “oh, this is going to be good,” because she has a great imagination and I couldn’t wait to hear what hilarious thing she was going to say!! She continued, “There were bad people on the earth and they were not obeying God and God was sad so he flooded the earth. Then there was a rainbow that was God’s promise to never do that again.” WOW! I’m so thankful for Godly teachers that are teaching my little 4 year olds the true stories of God’s promises, His love and His grace. I am thankful for the Sunday School teachers that taught me those same truths when I was little so that I grew up with God’s Word in my heart. I’m thankful that I’ve never known any different.

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