Wednesday, December 1, 2010


When I was a child my father worked all over the world and I always looked forward to his return from over seas and the treasures he’d bring back! One special thing that my father brought us from Switzerland was an advent calendar. Everyday my brother and I would open up a new little window on the calendar that was beautifully decorated, to find a little picture inside. I remember that December 24th was the last window to open and inside was always a miniature crèche. I loved that so much!
The dictionary defines advent as, “a coming into place, view or being; arrival. The coming of Christ into the world.” Synonyms are: onset, beginning, commencement, start. When Jesus was born, truly, that was the beginning of abundant life. When Christ came into the world everything would be forever changed. The prophesies were fulfilled, the waiting for a Messiah was over, the promise of forgiveness and eternal life became reality. Today is December 1st, the beginning of the month, the commencement of the Christmas Season. I want to focus on what is most important and forget about all the distractions and chaos. I want to set my eyes on that tiny crèche that I know is coming into view on the 24th. In this Advent season, I’m focusing on the birth of Jesus and the new beginning He gives me everyday.

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