Monday, November 29, 2010

Make Them Giggle

Last night at tubby time Mommy and Daddy’s fuses were getting short and after a long, yet wonderful, holiday week, we just needed some rest. Our patience was running low, the kids’ energy seemed to be growing and I felt that all too familiar scowl start to set in on my face. Frustrated, tired, grouchy, “just take a quick tub and get to bed”, was all I was thinking. I just finished bathing #2 when #1 & #3 decided to run into the bathroom. I couldn’t handle it. Then, coming out of the tub, dripping wet with a towel wrapped around her, she covered her face, then uncovered it quickly and made a silly noise. Baby boy started giggling so hard he seemed to stop breathing! With such a positive response, she continued her little flasher show and in no time we all were hysterically laughing. It was a magical moment in the midst of my bad attitude. I think normally I would have quickly ushered the other 2 out of the bathroom so I could finish up, but the giggles were so contagious, I couldn’t really talk. It felt so good to laugh. It felt even better to see the whole family’s mood change as smiles and laughter echoed in the bathroom. Isn’t it amazing how one little person can change the mood of a whole family? Isn’t that supposed to be my job? To take the tired, cranky, frustrated children and make them giggle? “The joy of the Lord is my strength. The joy of a mother is a child’s strength.” Smile at them, make them giggle.
*Don't forget to tune in Wednesday for the first post of Holiday Traditions & Must Haves!

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