Friday, November 19, 2010


My Friend Hillary said it wasn't illegal. She said it would make me more cheerful. She said it would make me a better mom. So, I did it. Well, kind of! She took up drinking coffee. I've always hated coffee and many are amazed at how I survived twin newborns without it. Her new found love has enticed me and I gave it a try in a small, imitation, ghetto kinda way! And I must say, I'm not addicted, but I am enjoying it! So a little Swiss Mocha starts my Grateful Heart Friday today as I try to move past the 4:45am tantrum that woke up 4 of the 5 family members for the day! AWESOME!
Let's reflect on this past week and be grateful for all the blessings:
I'm grateful for Mr. Rick, the amazing man that lead my daughters' Sunday School class and went to meet Jesus face to face suddenly. He was hilarious and the kids loved him. He was a faithful servant of Jesus and shared His truth with 4 year olds weekly. I'm thankful for a visit from Granny Nanny and Popa Roger (and the delicious pies she brought!). I'm grateful for super fun birthday parties with little friends. I'm grateful for a surprise Tuesday off for my hubby and a stylist that took me in last minute to "brighten" me up for the holidays! I'm thankful for a super cute new puppy that my children adore - that isn't mine!!! I'm grateful for amazing women of wisdom that are doing their best to point their children towards Jesus and our fun evening together last night. I"m thankful for the promise of rain this weekend, a fun Thanksgiving with tons of family, and Christmas! I'm grateful for Grammie's arrival today just to turn around and drive back to her home with me and the children tomorrow!
I'm thankful that God never gives up on me.
I'm thankful that He has greater purpose for me than I sometimes see.
I'm thankful that He does not waste our gifts or talents and will use us again in season.
Now it’s your turn – take a few moments to reflect on all the blessings from this past week and cultivate your grateful heart!

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  1. This is not the first time I've wished we could get together for an evening of singing, crying and eating. I miss you my friend. I look forward to your blog posts so much. It cheers me up more than you know!



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