Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Moment Before

In my 24/7 Family class this week Chelsea said that” the moment before” can change your life. Take a moment before you react. She was talking about parenting, and the moment before we react to our children and discipline them, but this idea applies to many areas of life. I first thought of the moment before I walked down the aisle with my dad. So many people told me that your wedding flies by and it is like a blur – you won’t remember any of it! I was determined to not adopt this theory and made every effort to be present at my wedding and notice every detail and hear every word. The moment before I walked down the aisle, I stood in the 1912 Italian mansion alone, watching my wedding unfolding below, and I sang along with Koti Hu who was leading worship. Tears ran down my face as I sang, it was a powerful moment alone with God, preparing my heart for what was about to happen. That moment before changed my life, just as much as the moment itself. It was one of my favorite moments in my wedding. The moment before we accept a new job, the moment before he rings the doorbell to pick you up, the moment before we respond to a harsh word, the moment before we hear that baby’s first cry, the moment before we discipline our children… it’s what is done in the moment before that will determine what the actual moment looks like. I was reminded today that the best thing I can do in the moment before is to get my heart right with God and let what follows glorify Him.

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