Thursday, November 18, 2010

Embrace the Trunk

It's Thursday!!! I've been loving this challenge of getting in front of the camera. I've complained long enough that there are not photos of me with my children. Thanks Emily! Daddy Bear took this one! (which is very rare that Daddy uses the camera!!) Our new favorite thing is a pic nic in the back of the Expi! It was a beautiful day, but why eat outside when you can cram into the trunk? A great time was had by all and a few lollypops didn't hurt either!!


  1. you have to catch the shots when you can! that spot is actually really smart...they can't run anywhere. LOL

  2. love this picture and picnic'n in the trunk...good times!

  3. i always loved picnics in the back of the car too. :) y'all are adorable!

  4. haha cute :) love those matching outfits :)



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