Monday, December 6, 2010

The Star

They had only been married for 2 months when they celebrated their first Christmas together. They didn’t have much in the way of decorations and not much money to buy new ones, so they used what they had and for the top of the tree, he fashioned a star out of cardboard covered in tinfoil. It was a perfect star. It was the star I grew up with on the top of my Christmas tree. My Dad made that star and my brother and I took turns as to who got to place it on top of the tree each year. It was the most honored Christmas role! When I got married we were lavished with beautiful gifts but the one that still is most special to me is the new tinfoil covered cardboard star that my Dad made for my family. On the back he wrote, “To my wonderful children. A lifetime of Christmas’s together, Love Dad.” Now my children take turns each year putting the star on top of the tree . Last night my little Emma Girl had the honor. The star on the tree reminds us of the star that hung in the sky on the night that Jesus was born. That bright star was the sign God used to point people to His Son. That star led people from far away lands to the place where they could worship the new baby, The Messiah, The King. I pray that the star on top of our tree is a sign to point us to Jesus this Christmas season and that it hangs over a place where Jesus is worshipped throughout the year.

Now it’s your turn!
1. have fun reminiscing about a great holiday tradition from your family or a fabulous holiday must have
2. blog about it (if you don’t have a blog, put your thoughts in a comment below)
3. link up your Holiday Must Haves & Traditions below
4. enjoy visiting others and reading the comments below to get some great ideas to make this holiday season extra special


  1. So fun, Rae! We do the same thing at our house. The kids take turns putting the (homemade) star on top of the Christmas tree. It was little Liv's turn this year and she's still talking about it!

  2. Thanks for sharing, Raeanne! We don't have anything special that we put at the top of the tree, so I always make a bow out of ribbon, but we might have to start the tin foil star!



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