Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Second Chances

A few weeks back I was about to discipline my daughter for some ungodly behavior and she said, ”Mommy, can I tell you something first?” “No,” I said as I figured it was another one of her stall tactics! “Please Mommy, can I tell you something?” “Ok,” I said reluctantly. “When we make mistakes, God gives us second chances.” Hmmmm
     Monday, as I drove the children to school, at a red light a lovely police officer kindly told me to pull over when the light turned green. I was talking on my cell phone, making plans for my daughters to be cared for that afternoon while I took little dude to his 2 year check up – but no excuses! While the officer took my info and disappeared to write me up my children said, “Mommy, are you going to say sorry?” “Tell him that daddy is a police officer too!” “Tell him we’re going to school to learn.” “Is he going to give us stickers?” When the officer returned he didn’t give me a ticket simply because of who my husband is (yes friends, I’m married to a very powerful man!!). I told the officer that I had broken the law and I deserved a ticket no matter who my husband is! I had just been explaining to my children that when we break the rules, there are consequences and this act of kindness from the officer was not helping my lesson!! As I told the officer that I was sorry (per my children’s request), we drove away without any stickers or a ticket. I was reminded of my daughter’s plea a few weeks back, that God gives us second chances when we make mistakes. Yes, He does. He always forgives, restores and mends our relationship. But, often times there are consequences for our actions. Because of God’s grace, we don’t get what we deserve, but there are still consequences for our actions. Even though I got a second chance, trust me when I say there were still some consequences – my little people saw Mommy break the rules and they don’t forget!
*I’m linking up with Picture Me (im)perfectly today because I’m not prefect – I break the rules too!


  1. I still crack up when I remember your stories of Roger pulling you over. When I was little and my mom got pulled over once, I loudly declared (in the officer's hearing) "Mom, you are dead meat." Maybe he feared for her safety, but she got off.

  2. love this post. oh man, how often we as moms are put in a situation that is not consistent with what we are trying to teach our children!! thanks for linking up! xoxo.

  3. What a great learning experience for everyone! And yaay for NO ticket :)



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