Thursday, March 24, 2011

Embrace Technology

Uncle Kenny has business in Los Angeles this week which means we get lots of cuddles around the iPad!  He says it is his favorite thing because it assures him that the kids will sit extra close, cuddle and linger even if it is at the crack of dawn!!!

And, as I shared yesterday, I spoke at Bel Air Presbyterian Church Tuesday night and my message was streamed live on the internet and is now uploaded on their site.  Ahhhhh modern technology!
Click this link if you'd like a little listen and embrace technology!

Check out Emily at The Anderson Crew


  1. hehe.. that's funny. I'll check out your link.

  2. Technology is simply amazing!! Too cool! Love the photo too! :)

  3. "life on life!" loved that. what an encouraging word!! you have such a love for the Lord which is very contagious! blessings to you & yours!!

  4. Wow, that was wonderful! Great job! I needed to hear that today.

  5. cool! i will have to check out your link! thank you for poppin' over to my little corner of the blog world :)



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