Friday, March 11, 2011

Grateful Heart Friday

It’s Grateful Heart Friday and I’m exhausted! I just got back from a trip to Italy and France! My daughters went on to South Africa, Mexico and Egypt, but I stayed back in Italy to serve up some lasagna!!! It was International Day today at school and equipped with our passports, we traveled the world!
    I’m grateful for stunning weather that has kept us outside, digging in the dirt, planting new flowers and enjoying the fresh air. I’m grateful for a quick week that has flown by! I’m grateful for fun little friends that play with my littles. I’m grateful for my dear friends that play with me!! I’m grateful for amazing teachers that love my daughters and teach them about the world and Jesus. I’m grateful for all the amazing parents that volunteer their time and talents to help our children learn and grow.
     Most of all I’m grateful for a God who promises to comfort those who mourn. I’m grateful for a God that promises to never leave us nor forsake us in the midst of great suffering. I’m grateful for a God that will bring beauty out of the ashes of Japan. I’m grateful for a God that offers hope where there is despair. I’m grateful for a God who saves. Please pray for the people of Japan. Pray that the name of Jesus would bring them comfort, peace, and hope.
     Now it’s your turn – take a few moments to reflect on all the blessings from this past week and cultivate your grateful heart! (Grab a Grateful Heart Button on the right and add it to your Grateful Heart post)

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  1. Linked up with you today! Love our Grateful Heart Fridays... puts the whole icky world into a new happy perspective!!
    Have a great weekend!



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