Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Promises of God

Last night I had the privilege of speaking at The Foundary at Bel Air Presbyterian Church. They’ve been doing a series called The Good Life and I was excited to share my love of God’s promises and how I believe that knowing and claiming them really is the good life!
     As followers of Jesus, I believe we often settle for eating the crumbs off the floor instead of feasting on the banquet that God offers us. Either we’re complacent and think that things are fine and we settle for less, or we simply have no idea what is being offered to us. Perhaps we feel unworthy of the promises of God because of mistakes we’ve made or we’ve grown bitter because we’ve done everything “right” and it still seems like God isn’t answering our prayers and making good on His promises. If we truly knew the extent of the abundant life that Jesus freely offers us, I’m sure we’d get off the floor and enjoy the bounty of a full life in Christ. *Full and good doesn’t mean perfect and without struggle, pain and trouble. It means that there is strength for the weary, hope for the brokenhearted, and peace for the troubled - God's promises take us through the fire.
     Rather than try to do a total re-cap, I’ll post the video once it is uploaded. But in the mean time, know and claim the promises of God that he makes to His children – I promise that you’re life will gain depth, purpose and meaning.


  1. wow. this is really great stuff! thanks for sharing <3



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