Thursday, June 30, 2011

Embrace The Crazy Uncle

As I mentioned on Monday, my uncle from Michigan came out for a visit.  We had 2 days alone together while my husband and children were visiting the grandparents and we packed it in!!
We headed out in his convertable to Malibu for lunch - top down!
This started out as a great adventure to ultimately see Jay Leno at NBC.  It was the first 95 degree day and after sweating it out at Zumba in the morning and riding in the convertable all afternoon, I wasn't in good shape once we arrived at the studio.  No thanks to NBC who ran out of water for 300+ people!  After my dehydration, heat exhaustion and fun meeting some NBC execs who rubbed ice on me (no, it wasn't really fun!), we went in to the show and had a great time. 

After Jay Leno, realizing that I wasn't going to die, we decided to hit the Dodgers game. 
My uncle is a HUGE Detroit Tigers fan and sadly they lost to the boys in blue!

Next day we were off to see Conan at Warner Brothers and this time the top was up, several jugs of water were in the car and it cooled down to 85.  No thanks to Warner Brothers who gave away our 4 tickets to Conan because we were 4 minutes late!  Yes, 4 minutes!  And might I add that those 4 minutes were spent going through their security check-in!  So they offered tickets to George Lopez's show and we took them.  We decided to turn this sad situation around and make complete fools of ourselves to try to get on TV and it kinda worked!  We were seated down in front and got a few (lame) prizes. 
We laughed our heads off and had a blast!

We ended the night at Phillipe's in downtown LA for their famous French Dip sandwich and let me just say, there's a reason why they're famous!
Moral of the story:
skip TV show tapings and simply watch them at home!
drink lots of water
and make sure to eat at Phillipe's!

*See you back here tomorrow for a packed Yummy Summer post!


  1. Oh how I miss a good iconic place like Phillipe's! I love that you got to "vacation" at home!

  2. Wow... sounds like a jam packed few days! What great memories (good and bad ☺)

  3. how fun to hang out with your uncle! that does look like a great sandwich.....(and I LOVE Zumba. you go, girl!)

  4. Looks like a great weekend! Nice to meet you through ETC!

  5. And, I looked at your fairy party - that looked amazing! So much fun!



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