Friday, July 1, 2011

Yummy Summer - Grandparent Tour

If the grandparents live next door or a few states away, making a special summertime visit is so special both for the grandparents and grandchildren. When our first babies were born in Southern California, all of our family was still in Northern California. I decided that every summer I would do a Grandparent Tour and visit all 3 sets of grandparents. Even though it means a long road trip, sleepless nights as the littles adjust to new beds and messing up our fine tuned schedule! It’s so worth it.

1. the Grandparents love having the children in their home
2. the kids get to explore and experience an area that is not their “norm”
3. Moma doesn’t have to cook!!!
4. lifelong memories are made

You might be thinking:
Our grandparents live 10 minutes away and we see them every day! Most likely your daily visits incorporate babysitting or welcoming an extra set of hands to help! Well, designate a special day visit this summer that does not include any babysitting and make it a special grandparent day.
Have your children make a fun invitation to invite them over
Make a special lunch (without having to make one more run to the market, leaving the kids with the grandparents to watch them!)
Play a fun game together or make a craft or some memorable project that they can take home.
Take tons of pictures and send them to them later
Make the grandparents feel like they are on vacation, visiting your family, as honored guests!

Or you might be thinking:
Our grandparents live far away and making a trip is out of the question. Perhaps it’s cheaper to fly them out to you rather than flying your whole family out to them! Or, set up a special skype date, or phone date. Send them a care package ahead of time with fun treats (homemade by the children), pictures drawn by the children, photos… and set your phone date for when they receive the package so that you can talk about all the fun contents.
Bottom line – make it a point to get some devoted time with the grandparents that’s all about making memories, not just getting their much needed help!!
Here are some bonus Yummy Summer ideas that are awesome!

I tried this with $5 Target t-shirts and they are adorable!
love this and can’t wait to do it this summer!
what a fun way to remember all the fun of summer!
4th of July Banner
I hit up Home Depot last night to make this!

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