Thursday, July 14, 2011

Embrace Their Direction

For today's ETC, I let the girls have the camera and told them to "direct" the shoot!  It's no secret that they are completely sick of me taking photos of them, so I thought I'd let them be on the other side!  It was fun, funny, and I had to pry the camera away!
 "Look at me and smile a little" - that was our direction!
 "Hug and pretend like you're sleeping"!!!!!!  (love the summer freckle attack I have going on)
 "You look at her and you smile." 
"Look at each other and be serious."

I wonder if they made that stuff up or if they heard that from me?  Hmmmmm

*PS - anyone else having lots of problems with Blogger?  I can't leave comments on most sites :(


  1. Love the poses that your kiddos had for you - so funny! Glad that you were able to have your heart touched as well - hope the tears were good!

  2. great pictures. your girls did a great job

  3. I'm glad you explained that first one. That is not an expression that I am used to seeing on your face. Bring on that full gorgeous smile please!!! I'll have to take that up with the director. ;)

  4. AND...... they did a FABULOUS job!

  5. These pics are FANTASTIC! LOVE them! Great ETC day!

  6. I'm so glad you included the directions you were getting! Photographers in the making for sure!



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