Wednesday, July 20, 2011


The hubs rescued this umbrella on the beach last weekend.  The lady was running fast after it, but my super hero was faster and grabbed it just in time!  This isn’t the only thing he’s rescued in the past month – 2 turtles, a baby bird and now a run-away umbrella.  He’s my hero!  Do you remember as a child, thinking that your dad was your hero?  I always felt safe if I knew Daddy was home.  I was confident waterskiing if my Dad was driving the boat.  I never hesitated getting on a motorcycle, jumping off the houseboat or riding the rapids of the Colorado River if my Dad was by my side.  There is something so comforting and reassuring about the presence of a father.  My Dad can fix anything, answer any question, trouble shoot any problem – I’m not sure if there is anything my Dad cannot do!  As I watched my husband running after this umbrella, I also watched our children watching him.  They cheered him on and were so thrilled that he beat the wind and captured the stray umbrella.  “Daddy is a hero."  I’m grateful that my children admire their Daddy. 
I’m grateful that their Daddy is a man who is worthy of admiration. 

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  1. That is something SO awesome!! I can't say the same for my dad. I was never "proud" of him... he was not a good man. BUT GOD ... God knew EXACTLY what I needed in a man; a good, GOD-fearing Christian man who loves me and our children. I LOVE that my husband is a super-hero to my kids. I LOVE that they think he has super powers and can do great things. I LOVE that one day, they-like you- will look back and think how great their daddy was!! Great post!!



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