Monday, June 13, 2011

Worth Celebrating

On Friday my girls graduated from preschool.  Things are going by too quickly and it all seems like a blur (kinda like this photo!  Makes me mad that most of my photos from that day look like this).  At the ceremony the principle of the school spoke and he said that life is made up of firsts and lasts.  We often celebrate the firsts – first steps, first words, first day of school… but many of the lasts are not celebrated, but dreaded or feared.  He encouraged us to embrace the lasts and celebrate them.  A few hours earlier that morning I was at the market shopping for our after graduation picnic.  The market was flooded with graduation balloons and I knew the girls would love them.  But then I thought they probably wouldn’t understand the cap and gown thing and maybe these were more for high school graduations.  I caught myself second guessing the balloons and then I started to well up with tears as I thought, “life is worth celebrating, all of it.  From the biggest graduation from college to the smallest preschool graduation.  This could be their last graduation and although it’s just preschool, it’s worth making a big deal over.” 
You know what? 

I bought those balloons and flowers too! 

Preschool graduation is worth celebrating and so are my little ladies.

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  1. They're beautiful little ladies! Congrats on their graduation!!



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