Monday, May 2, 2011

Take A Break

Isn’t it amazing the perspective we gain when we step back and take a break?  Last week my daughters were on spring break and as they took a break from school, I took a break from blogging.  Of course I had a moment of thinking, “if I take a week off with anyone come back and read this anymore?”  But a guilt that once would force me to continue with something that I just needed a break from has begun to disappear from my life.  So I stopped without much hesitation and just took a break.  It was so nice to not have to race to get the kids out the door for school.  It was lovely to not sit at my computer each day.  It was great to simply make mac n’ cheese for dinner one night!  And most of all, it was so delicious to not feel guilty about any one of those things!  Sometimes I become a slave to my routine and this pressure I’ve created to keep up with my schedule and plans.  I’ve  been silently bound by guilt if I’m late, don’t serve enough veggies for dinner, or stay at home with my children all day.  Silly!  But after taking a break this past week I realized something – I didn’t feel guilty at all with not keeping the normal structure.  We ran from birthday party to Easter celebration to Disneyland to a lovely play date which meant messy bed times, funky meals and perhaps some unbrushed teeth!  But we had a blast and finished the week with 3 days of not leaving the house and loving every moment of it!  The only standards I need to uphold are those that God has given me.  The only master I serve is God.  The only plans I need to keep are the ones God has laid out before me.  Take a break - let go of the guilt!  (it's ok if everything isn't perfect - like this lovely Easter family photo!!  I'm linking up with the other imperfect moms over at Capturing Motherhood.)
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  1. we all need a break!! sounds like a perfect way to spend your week. and good for you - kick the guilt to the curb!! :)

  2. great post. thanks for linking up, dear friend! xoxo.



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