Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rain Rain...

Don’t go away!
The truth is I love the rain!
My home was always filled with music when I was growing up. There was a baby grand piano in the living room and an organ in the family room with some guitars scattered around and a triangle and tambourine! Almost nightly my dad would sit down at the piano and in his honky tonk, bluesy kinda way, he’d play old hymns. If my mom didn’t jump on the organ, she’d start to sing and my dad would kick in with the harmony. I learned all the old hymns by listening and eventually singing along. One of my favorites became,
“Something About That Name,” by the Gaithers:
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
There's just something about that name
Master, Savior, Jesus
Like the fragrance after the rain
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus
Let all Heaven and Earth proclaim
Kings and kingdoms
Will all pass away
But there's something about that Name

The name of Jesus is clean, refreshing, bright, intoxicating, powerful, pure, life-giving and peaceful. Just like the fragrance after the rain. Every time it rains I think of this song and fall in love with Jesus all over again. It's raining today.

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