Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Grieve & Go

I think that when we talk about grieving, it is usually in conjunction with death. But lately I’ve had several conversations about the importance of grieving in conjunction with life! If we are truly to embrace something new in our life, I believe that we need to grieve the loss of what we must let go of in order to receive the new. I was talking to a friend who is going to have to move and leave the home that her family has loved. She is grieving the loss of that home so that she can fully embrace the new home that God is going to provide for her. Another friend of mine has struggled with a family relationship for years – always being disappointed and wounded by family, yet still dreaming and hoping that they will behave differently. I shared with her the importance of grieving the loss of the family that she doesn’t have and being healed so that she can move onto other healthy relationships where God wants to bless her. Grieve the loss of your single life when you get married. Grieve the loss of financial freedom when you go down to one income… and the list goes on.
     Last week our neighbors invited us over for a butterfly release party! They adopted a caterpillar, built a home for her, and watched her transform into a beautiful, painted lady butterfly! On the day they were going to let her fly, they invited us over for butterfly headbands, butterfly cookies and a bon voyage for Emily. When they opened up her home she didn’t immediately fly away like we expected. She hung around for a few moments, as if grieving the loss of her first home, and then she embarked on a whole new adventure where she was free to spread her wings and fly!
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