Friday, May 27, 2011

Grateful For The Provider

It’s Grateful Heart Friday and today I’m looking back at this past week and recalling all I have to be grateful for. This week I am super grateful for the provider of our family. My husband works so hard and I am not only blessed by his sacrifice for our family, but I am challenged by his work ethic. He is a man of integrity and conviction and he is a very hard worker. He recently went back “on the road” as a CHP officer after 4 years of working in the judicial protection division. He get’s up at 4am and leaves the house by 4:30am. He’s amazing! I’m grateful that deep in his soul he longs to provide for our family. I know that he would do anything he had to to take care of us. I find great security and comfort in that. I’m grateful that I have been able to stay home with our children and not have an outside job. I’m grateful that my husband doesn’t view his job as more important than mine just because he gets a paycheck. I’m grateful that my husband is modeling to our children what it means to work hard. I am a very blessed woman and I am very grateful for the provider that is my husband. Most of all I’m grateful for Jehova Jire – The God who Provides. God is so faithful to provide for my every need. Not material needs and wants, but the needs of my soul and heart. He is faithful to provide healing where there is pain, Challenge where there is idleness, Conviction where there is sin. God provides comfort, blessing, forgiveness, mercy, purpose, grace, joy, peace… I am grateful.

*This will be my last Grateful Heart post for a few months. I’m moving my Yummy Summer posts to Friday and going back to my original plan of blogging every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Somehow I’ve gotten a little lost and have been blogging daily and it’s keeping me at the computer too much and it’s not healthy for me. I will continue to work on having more gratitude in my life, but for now my gratitude will not be posted on my blog!
          I had the idea to share some fun summertime plans, ideas, recipes, tips, crafts… and I’m really loving it! I’ve been posting my Yummy Summer thoughts on Tuesdays, but until the end of July, Yummy Summer will be now be on Fridays. I hope you’ll join me and share your summertime ideas so that together we can make this a super Yummy Summer for our families.

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