Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Down To The Last Detail

I’ve always been somewhat detail oriented. I love the big picture, but I really get excited about the tiny details that some may never notice. I am one who notices the tiny details and gets thrilled!
Last month I had a lot of fun planning the details of my girls’ 5th birthday. I posted many fun pictures on Monday of the Fairy Garden Party. But there was one photo that I didn’t post. One photo that revealed a detail oriented person’s nightmare! A detail that I completely forgot. My shoes!
Growing up I heard my mom tell this story time and again: She was getting the family ready for church one Sunday morning and was giddy to dress up her baby girl (me) in a ruffled dress with lace socks and shoes. Everyone was all dolled up and when the family got in the car to go to church, my mom looked down to see that she was still in her slippers! As a mom, it’s easy to think of everyone but yourself!
As the Fairy Garden Party began I was pleased that most of my details were done and now I could just enjoy the party. We were almost finished, just the cake remained, and I looked down. To my horror I realized that I was still in my slippers! I planned my outfit for that day to match the color scheme of the party of course, and in the last minute preparations of the morning I put on my “slippers” or super ugly, extra comfy shoes that I wear when I do housework. But I never went to change them before the guests arrived. Here’s the crazy thing though – I didn’t freak out! I kinda laughed and that was it! Perhaps the most important details in my life are not so much about me anymore. For that I am grateful.

OH!  And remember that little blue fairy that I talked about here
Well,she was a lovely detail that the party would not have been complete without!
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  1. Thanks for linking up!! I definitely did not notice your shoes. Glad you didn't let it get to you. xoxo.



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