Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Chore Charts & Prize Baskets

For today's installment of Yummy Summer, I'm sharing a fun idea for summer - chore charts and prize baskets!
     I have wonderful memories of summertime as a child and the large basket of wrapped prizes that would sit under our fireplace! There were tiny numbers on each package and once we “earned” enough points, we could buy a prize with our points! It was so much fun. All of the gifts were summer related – water toys, bubbles, kites... The way we earned points was by doing chores and various things.  I started this last summer with my girls and it was a blast! 
Today I hit the dollar bin at Target to start collecting my prizes for this summer’s basket.
Here’s the plan:
1. make a chore chart that is age appropriate for your child
If you already have designated chores for your children,
try to think of some new special ones that are just for summer.
(My littlest is only 2, so he won't really have summer responsibilities! 
But I did get him some prizes to pick alongside his sisters!)
2. collect small prizes, wrap them, and designate a point value for each.
3. once school is out, let the games begin!
I hang the charts in the children’s rooms and at bedtime we review the day and fill in their charts.
Some great places to find prizes are Target’s dollar bin and The Dollar Store
coupons for ice cream, movie night or sleepovers also make great prizes
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