Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Yummy Summer - VBS

 Today I’m kicking off a new Summer series on my blog called, Yummy Summer.
Summer is so Yummy! There are many fun things that seemed to be locked up all year until Summer comes with the key to unlock the fun! Already my Mommy friends and I have been brainstorming Summer plans and I thought it would be amazing to broaden our conversation to lots of moms where we can swap Summertime ideas, tips, tricks, plans, crafts, recipes and more for a fun Summer with our kiddos.
  Every Tuesday I’m going to post something special that I’m planning on doing with my children this Summer. I hope that you’ll do the same and link up so that we can inspire each other and together make this a very Yummy Summer!

     My first plan for this Yummy Summer is Vacation Bible School. Most churches are starting sign-ups now, so I thought this should be the kick off post of this new series. Vacation Bible School, or VBS, is a fabulous week long camp for kids to make new friends, sing some new songs, watch silly skits, make great crafts, munch on some snacks and best of all – learn a lot about Jesus. I used to go to VBS every Summer and loved every moment of it! I remember that my mom would invite the neighborhood kids and take everyone to church for VBS until she got smart and decided to use our backyard and host a neighborhood VBS where everyone could just walk over!
     If your church doesn’t host a VBS, check around, I’m sure other churches in your area do and they’re always welcome to new kids for the program. It’s very affordable, tons of fun, and your children will beg you to go year after year!

What are you doing to make this a Yummy Summer for your littles? 
Grab a button, link up and let us know!

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  1. Some of my happiest memories of childhood were of VBS! We did what we called "Backyard Bible School" that sounds like what your mom did... so cool! I love that my oldest was old enough (starting last summer) to get involved in VBS! Can't wait til all my kids get to experience it!

    About my corned beef. I put it in the crock pot- covered with water. It comes with a seasoning packet, so I use that AND a packet of french onion soup mix. I cook it on high heat for about 7-8 hours. About 1/2 way through, I throw in some small red potatoes; when there's about 2 hours left, I add onions. Then when it's all done, I ladled out some of the liquid into a pan & cooked a head of cabbage (that way it's cooked with the meat flavored liquid from the crock pot...keeping the flavors the same)



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