Monday, June 25, 2012


One of our little ladies lost her first tooth!  It was the first in our family and the timing couldn't have been better... all the grandparents were in town!

It was so much fun to play the tooth fairy and thanks to Pintrist, I used the cute idea of writing a tiny note from the tooth fairy who we’ve named Miss Mollary Floss!  Miss Floss delivered and special book and 4 quarters in a pretty lace bag to the lucky lady.
I was marveling at how her permanent tooth starting popping up a few weeks ago and knocked the little one out.  How does the body know when to do this?  Our bodies are precisely programmed without any computer chips or codes!  It truly is miraculous.  God’s timing for everything is perfect.
I remember when that little baby girl was in the NICU with her sister.  They were born 6 weeks early and could not yet suck, swallow and breathe on their own.  That is a skill that develops at 36 weeks.  You know what?  Exactly 2 weeks after they were born, what would have been 36 weeks, they could suck, swallow and breathe!  It blew my mind.
Isn’t God’s master precision of His creation incredible?  He has everything timed perfectly. 
Even witnessing these perfectly timed miracles, I often question God’s timing with things in my life.  Certainly a God who has perfectly timed the development of the human body is trustworthy to perfectly time the events of my life.
Help me to be patient Lord and trust your timing in all things.
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  1. God is good. His creation is amazing, isn't it. Bless you and those pretty little girls as they grow.

  2. That little note from the tooth fairy is just plain adorable. I'm so glad your baby made it out of the hospital safe and sound and that she's growing up! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! :) We had lemon garlic pork loin roast and roasted red potatoes that night. It was wonderful. :)

  3. God is so good. And His creations are perfect! Congrats on Ms. Floss visiting!!! ;)

  4. God is great! I just found your blog and love. I have twin girls as well, who were born at 33 weeks. I ran across your blog, because we are having a garden party on Saturday for their 5th birthday and your blog popped up in my google search for ideas.

    Your girls are so cute!



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