Monday, June 11, 2012

It's Coming...

We're on the final countdown to Summer!
This is the last week of school and then look out!

 Last year I did a Summer series called Yummy Summer where I shared fun Summertime activity ideas.  You can check out the archives here
But now with Pintrist, I'm not sure I'd have any new ideas to share!!
But fear not!  I'll be kicking off a new series next Friday, June 22nd, that I'm really excited about!
Get ready,
It's coming!

10 on 10 June

1.  Some alone time with one of my favorite "devotionals"
2.  Morning devo with the children at breakfast
3.  Off to the gym
4.  Lemon harvest
5.  The sound I heard all morning - hedge clippers
6.  Lunch with the boys
7.  Picked up the little ladies from school
8.  Back to cleaning while they rested
9.  a treat for me - the not so pretty, delicious, German chocolate cake
10.  swimming at last!

*little disclaimer - just realized that today is the 11th!  So I guess I did 10 on 11!  ooops!

1 comment:

  1. I missed 10 on 10 yesterday since I slept all day... I considered doing 11 on 11, but that's a lot of pictures :)

    Great blog, as always :)



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