Friday, June 8, 2012

The Final Word

We’ve got one week left until my little ladies complete their first year of school!  I can’t believe it’s almost over.  It’s been a pretty rough year for this Moma.  I never knew Kindergarten could be so stressful… for a Mommy!!!  My eyes have been opened in huge ways.
There have been a lot of gifts this year as well.  One thing that I love is that our school is in our neighborhood and we get to walk to school!
I also love how much pride the little ladies have in their school.  They we so excited to get all dressed up for open house and show their little brother around their school.  It really is wonderful to see these little people grow up!
I’ve been struggling with some anxiety again this week.  I woke up the other morning with my heart racing and feeling sick to my stomach.  It was 5:22am.  A few weeks back I really felt God drawing me in closer to Him and making it clear to me that now, more than ever, I need to be spending time alone with Him and the only way that was going to happen would be early in the morning, before anyone was awake.  It’s been amazing how several times a week He wakes me up around 5am to get alone with Him. 
I got up and sat in front of the sliding glass door in our play room.  As I looked outside at the dimly lit morning, I began to pray.  I’ve been really stressed out about school next year (I know, one year at a time!).  I’ve been concerned about who my girls will be placed with as we’ve had some difficult personalities in our class this year.  I’ve struggled with things other children have said to my girls, they way they’ve been treated, and some things they’ve learned that I wish they hadn’t.  Through my tears in the early morning I felt like God gently told me that He has the final word in my children’s lives, not the influence of other children at school.  I’ve been giving some of these children more power than they deserve rather than trusting God more with my children and His power over them.
It was another phenomenal moment of peace flooding over me.  I’m so grateful that God woke me up to remind me that He has the final word in this life and not the sin that surrounds us in this world. 
“In this world you WILL have trouble.  But take heart.  I have overcome the world!” 
Thank you Jesus for that promise and truth.
Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow, Rae. I've been struggling with similar things with my daughter, Norah, who's in kindergarten. So, so true. So thankful that is God is watching out for my littles, and I don't have to micromanage every detail. He knows what experiences they need to ultimately be drawn closer to him.

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  5. I really can't believe that 5 year olds can be so mean to each other. I didn't think this happened until high school!

    My daughter is starting kindergarten in August, and although she started kindergarten in England last year (they start 1 yr earlier than here and we've just moved from England to Phoenix), the school is much bigger here and I am a bit nervous on how things will turn out. Well, I guess I should cross that bridge when I get there...

    Enjoy the summer holidays!

  6. Wow I thought I was the only one who was feeling like this! So overwhelmed! Mia told me the other day what someone told Georgia at recess and it broke my heart! But Mia stood up for Georgia and said "Open heart and open mind!" I was so proud of my baby girl but felt was so sad that kids are so cruel!
    I'm writing a letter to the teachers because I'm so concerned about her being in class with a certain child as well! It was an amazing year but I feel it could have been so much better if those poor teachers didn't have so much to deal with! Thank you for saying what most of us are feeling!
    (Hopefully this makes more sense then what my phone wrote lol)

  7. Yes sending our precious little ones off to school is difficult but keep trusting in that final word!Thank you for your honesty. My husband reminds me to 'believe my beliefs!' It is amazing to think that one of my primary tasks as a parent is to prepare them to leave me and face the world - such a challenge and a privilege.



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