Wednesday, June 13, 2012


My little dolls will be in their first dance recital on Sunday.  I danced for over 13 years growing up and this is a dream for a dance mom!  We had a dress rehearsal last week and I put real makeup on them for the first time.  I wouldn’t let them look in the mirror until I was finished.  When they first saw themselves, their reaction was priceless.

A smile so huge enveloped their little faces.  They were beaming. 
They felt so beautiful, and in fact they are!
 But it really hit me and I started to well up with tears.  It wasn’t about this significant moment when they first got to put on mascara.  It wasn’t about them getting their first dance costume.  It was about them looking in the mirror at them selves and totally loving what they saw.  It was innocent.  It was pure.  It was beautiful.  They weren’t embarrassed at how they felt about their reflection.  They weren’t arrogant and snotty.  They were surprised at their own beauty.  They were happy. 
They were content.
I pray that the precious little loves of mine will always be confident in who God has uniquely made them to be.  I pray that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.  I pray that no matter what insults the world hurls at them, they will always find their worth in the one that created them.  I pray that when they look in the mirror, makeup or not, they see the masterpiece of God.


  1. What beautiful girls you have, inside and out!! This post warms my heart! <3

  2. What a beautiful legacy of self acceptance and how God sees us as women to pass on to your daughters. I'm tearing up.

  3. Oh your girls are beautiful! Such a lovely way to capture their firsts like this. More importantly, I appreciate what your prayers for them are. As a mom to two little girls, this resonates deeply with me.

  4. They look so pretty! You did great mom!

  5. They are gorgeous, with or without the makeup.



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