Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Joe Knows Nuts

Well... I intended to have a new post up this morning - I do have some thoughts to share from our Yosemite trip and all the changes that our family is going through - but dealing with new school things, church ministry stuff, and a husband that now is home on the weekdays has robbed me of my post today!  But that is ok, in this little blogging adventure, my family comes first.  So, here is a little late post of my first installment of "What Does Joe Know."  (This is an experiment I'm doing for the month of September where I try new products or recipes from Trader Joe's and let you know what I think.  It is temporarily replacing my "What's For Dinner?" ideas that are in the right column.) 
And let me tell you, Joe knows nuts!!
These magical balls of love hold true to their name - they are super crunchy and very chocolatey!  I love them and will most definitely but them again.  Head out to Trader Joe's and pick up a box. 
I think they are only $1.99
*join me next Monday, September 12th, for the kick-off of my Intentional Family series!


  1. Yummy - those are tasty. I love Joes... some of my favorites are 21 Season Salute (a herb/spice mix that is great on everything) and they tiki masala jarred sauce. Great Indian meal fast.

  2. I just found a new great snack at Joe's today! And it's nuts too!! SESAME HONEY ALMONDS. Love! Ok, they are $5.99, but such a deliciously healthy treat.

  3. I had Ryan stop by last night on his way home from work to get me these Super Crunchy Chocolate Covered Peanuts... they are oh so good! Have you tried their chocolate covered peanut butter pretzels? They are pretty hard to pass up as well!



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