Friday, September 16, 2011

Did You Know?

Did you know that God answers prayer?
It’s no secret that I’ve been a little stressed about my daughters starting kindergarten in a public school. I went to public school and always knew I’d send my children to public school (especially because the schools in our district are phenomenal). But now that the time has come, I’ve been nervous about sending my babies out into the world for a few hours a day. But guess what? God has answered my prayers and given my girls Christian teachers and we just met a second family from our church that has a kindergartener at our school. Yes, God answers prayers.
Did you know that God takes away our fears?
My daughter just had her 5 year check up and our Pediatrician heard a heart murmur. She sent us down to a pediatric cardiologist and my heart was beating more quickly than normal! They agreed to squeeze us into a packed schedule and we were grateful to sit and wait a bit. When the doctor came in he had a huge smile on his face and he was so nice and friendly to us. He listened to her heart and then called for an EKG and left the room. I was a bit nervous and just praying that everything was ok. “Mommy, I saw that man in our Sunday school class,” my daughter said. After the EKG, the doctor brought us into his office and per my daughter’s prompting, I said that she thought she had seen him in Sunday school. He asked what church we went to and when I told him he said, “yep, that was me. My wife and I help in elementary Sunday school.” What? Our church is at least ½ hour away from our doctor’s office and our church is very large – so what are the odds that this doctor goes to our church, let alone taught in my daughter’s class a few weeks ago? Odds are pretty good when God loves us so much that he brings a Christian doctor into our lives to ease our fears and assure us that my daughter’s heart is fine!
Did you know that a salad spinner is endless fun for kids?
I left the salad spinner out and my son got a hold of it! I caught him tearing up paper and putting it in the basket and then watching it spin around. Against my normal, “that isn’t what that’s used for,” tendency, I let him play and have a blast experimenting with different objects in the salad spinner!
Did you know that Joe knows yogurt?
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  1. What a blessing that doctor was... love when that happens. Who would have thought a salad spinner for entertainment.



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