Thursday, September 8, 2011

Embrace Nature

As I mentioned last week, we took a little trip to Yosemite to Embrace some Nature
Here are some of my wilderness tips:
#1 Always wear proper shoes.
(these are Chocos, the best hiking shoes EVER!  I probably hadn't worn these in 10 years)
 #2 Always be on the look out.  You never know when an Eagle or Hawk or
Wild Creature might swoop down and snatch you.
 #3 Throw stuff into every creek, stream, lake, pond, puddle... that you see. 
("stuff" meaning rocks, not trash)
 #4 Try to "hike" only on paved paths. 
That cuts down your chances of getting rocks and dirt in your shoes.
(or you can wear socks with your sandals like my son, that helps keep your feet clean too!)
#5 Have a great time!
Embrace Nature & the camera!

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