Thursday, September 15, 2011

Embrace 7 Years

Since it was just our anniversary on Sunday, I thought my Embrace the Camera
should be some wedding photos!!
a casual family photo before we left for the wedding
 probably my most favorite wedding photo of all time - the moment my groom saw me.  I was in love with our photographer for capturing this moment
(my husband's dad was his best man and he quickly tucked a handkerchief in his son's hand when he saw him crying!)
I had my Grandmother's bouquet of gardenias replicated for my bouquet
 this photo captures one of many moments filled with surprises and laughter

and the cutting of the cake - we used my Grandmother's wedding topper and I just loved the old school feel of our classic wedding cake
 my brother was our chauffeur
that drove us away in this fabulous old Packard
7 years, 3 kids, 3 homes, and lots of love and wonderful memories


  1. Beautiful pics! Brought tears to my eyes! I ALWAYS try to capture the groom's face the moment he first sees his bride... while everyone is looking at her, I look at him- those are the BEST moments! BEAUTIFUL embrace today!

  2. Happy Anniversary! WHat wonderful and special touches you had.

  3. happy anniversary to you two! what a lovely couple & what a gorgeous wedding! ♥

  4. The power of pictures. I don't know you personally, but as I looked at your photos and read the descriptioins, I got chills. Beautiful!



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