Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As parents we are always reminding our children to share their toys with friends or siblings. I am always surprised when I catch my children sharing when they haven’t been reminded to! It’s like a breath of fresh air to see a selfless act from a child. The idea of keeping things to our self must be something we are born with. Surely we were never taught to think of our self first, hold on to what is ours and not share. Yet that is what comes natural to us. Children are not the only ones who don’t share naturally – grown ups don’t either! I mostly think of the lack of sharing the truth as adults. We are reluctant to be honest and say how we really feel. We shy away from asking a friend for help, not wanting to share our need. We hesitate to be candid and share that we are lonely, sad, or hurting. And just like the little ones, I’m always surprised when talking to a friend who openly shares a piece of their real life with me. It is such a breath of fresh air to encounter honest sharing of oneself with another. We can gain so much when we step out and share the truth of who we are or what we are experiencing. And it is always a blessing when someone trusts you enough to share who they are with you. Share – it will do you good!

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