Thursday, July 15, 2010

Life Takes Time

I picked the first tomatoes from my garden the other day and I was over the moon with the results! I think they are the most perfect tomatoes I’ve ever seen. Their color is uniform and brilliant red, their skin is tight and shiny with no blemish, they are beautifully topped with perfect green stems and they taste even better than they look! I have to admit, I didn’t think they would turn out so well. My garden has been a challenge this Summer for many unknown reasons. I have tons of tomatoes on the vines, but I was skeptical if they would ripen and be edible. I guess I really didn’t have much vision for my tomatoes. I got excited at the first sign of growth, but quickly lost heart as days passed and nothing much more happened. Everything in life takes time. It’s easy to start out the gate with excitement and passion, then quickly lose momentum when months and years go by with little results. All the while, God has a plan and He will not reveal the finished product until all the lessons have been learned along the way. If we “pick our fruit” too soon, we will miss out on all of the powerful flavors. I guess I need to be more patient and trust that in time, all things will come to fruition according to God’s plan.

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  1. isn't that usually more easily said than done? I mean, just from what I've noticed...



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