Sunday, July 25, 2010


My daughters just finished a week at Vacation Bible School. It is a week long camp at church where the children learn Bible verses and themes, make crafts, sing songs and of course play! It was always a highlight of my summer as a child and I could hardly wait for my children to be old enough to go. On the last day I went with camera in hand to film their song and Bible lesson time. As I walked into the large room packed with little people following the leaders up front in song and movement, I immediately welled up with emotion. I didn’t see my girls at first, but pulled out the video camera anyway and began to film. Listening to the words to the songs and watching the children do the corresponding hand motions stirred my spirit and I began to cry. I felt very silly and couldn’t really stop. Song after song, I wiped my eyes and tried to hide behind my camera! All I could think of was, “we were created to worship God.” It was the most natural, simple, perfect scene – children singing praises to God and lifting their hands to Him as if to say, “pick me up Daddy.” We were all created to worship our Creator, God. At the core of our being, our purpose is worship. Nothing feels more fulfilling, natural, or complete than worshipping God with our lives. Many spend their lives searching for meaning, purpose and identity. But, the answer is simple: We were created to worship God. We are worshippers.

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