Tuesday, July 13, 2010

One On One

My daughters just returned from a week at Camp Grammie. They were finally old enough to spend about 5 days away with their grandparents without missing us too much! Having just lost my Grandmother, I was so excited for my daughters to get this special one on one time with their Grammie and start building memories of a lifetime with her. They came home in their camp shirts and hats, so excited to share their stories and crafts with us! I got the joy of having only one child for the week. My first babies were twins, so I never got to experience life with just one baby! At first I really didn’t know what to do with my one year old son. I make it a habit to never take my children to the grocery store or mall for obvious reasons! But I had a few errands to run. I talked to a girlfriend of mine who has one baby the same age and she said, “at this age, he doesn’t care what you are doing, he just wants your undivided attention.” I pushed my guilt aside of indulging in my own needs and took him on all my errands. It was true – he didn’t care where we were, just as long as we were together. It’s amazing what one on one time can do for us. My girls came home feeling so loved and special because they had one on one time with Grammie and Papa. I felt so special and blessed that I got one on one time with my son. And I know that the little dude missed his sissys, but loved the undivided attention! The same gifts await us when we get alone with God. It is wonderful to go to church or be involved in small group Bible studies, but, we can grow so much when we get alone with God for one on one time. Our undivided attention focused only on Him – His delight of simply being alone with one of His children.

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