Friday, July 9, 2010

Unexpected Blessings

I recently stopped to buy some strawberries from my favorite “Strawberry Lady” who picks in the morning, then sells in the afternoon! I love her. When I got out of my car, I looked down to find a Home Depot gift card laying in the street, obviously bruised from cars running over it. I picked it up, excited at the possibility of what was on that card. Today, a few weeks later, I went into Home Depot and asked how much money was left on the card, they said $50! I felt guilty knowing that it really wasn’t my money. I didn’t steal it. I couldn’t possibly find who it originally belonged to because there were no houses or people around when I found it (except the Strawberry Lady, and I know it was not hers!). It was truly a case of finders keepers! But yet I felt like a thief using it to buy flowers. As a child I would find money all the time. There was a season when I wouldn’t go more than a week without finding at least $5. My friend and I would ride our bikes to the local junior college in the Summer and find tons of money under the vending machines and use it to buy snacks! At Home Depot, one side of me felt like that thrilled little girl again who struck it rich! Another part of me felt like I needed to keep looking over my shoulder, afraid that I was going to get caught. Sometimes life gives us unexpected blessings. Better to just receive them and completely enjoy rather than feeling guilty.

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