Monday, March 1, 2010

A Small Window
Many years ago my brother took me to the beach in the rain. We walked on the sand as it rained and it was magical. After that day, I’ve always loved the ocean most when it’s raining. Last Saturday we took the kids to the beach for a breakfast picnic… in the pouring rain! We all piled into the back of our SUV and ate our bagels while watching the waves and listening to the pouring rain. We giggled, ate, and pretty much sat on top of each other! It was lovely. Then, for just a moment, the rain stopped, sun came out, and dolphins began to jump - literally! The magic continued. We got out of the fogged up windows and began to play on the sand, enjoying the brilliant blue sky and the warm sunshine. It was amazing how just a few moments before, and what would be a few hours after, it was pouring! A small window of hope, a moment of calm in the midst of a storm, a time to catch your breath before the struggle returned. A powerful time to be reminded that God is present, watching every detail, giving us respite along the treacherous journey, whispering hope and promise to never give us more than we can handle. He gives us those small windows all the time. His promise to us is that even though the waters rise up around us, we will not be overcome.

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