Thursday, March 11, 2010

This Little Light of Mine
I’m going to let it shine! But on what? Light. What a powerful tool when pointed in the right direction. A famous work of art comes to life when placed in the proper lighting. A long, winding road becomes a path to promise when it is revealed by headlights. When my light is pointed on my children, I can light them up and reveal who God made them to be. It’s powerful and beautiful. When my light is growing dim, I point towards God, the source of light, and I am recharged, illuminated, and given new vision. When our light is hidden under a bush, (oh no!), we choose to take God out of the equation, snuff the light, and become ineffective. No matter how small, take your little light and point it in the right direction to powerfully effect those around you. And keep your head up, because someone just might be pointing their little light towards you to bless you today!


  1. wonderful post...thank-you so much for your words...i am really enjoying reading your definitely have a way with words.:-)

  2. I feel so famous! I LOVE reading your thoughts. You've helped me more than you know.



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