Monday, March 8, 2010

I’ve Got Your Back
Some of the most comforting words I’ve ever heard were, “I’ve got your back.” To know that someone is on your side, cheering for you, fighting for you, willing to take the bullet for you – it’s empowering and freeing. I’m a fighter by nature. For some reason, throughout my life, I’ve been put in situations where I’ve needed to fight for what I believe in, for what I want, or for who I am. Whereas that can build strength in a person, it can also create someone who fights when it’s not necessary! I was very blessed to have a boss who once told me, “I’ve got your back,” and that he was on my side. He told me that I didn’t need to draw lines in the sand all the time and come out fighting, but rather trust that he was for me and not against me. Two years in that working relationship allowed me to learn what really is worth fighting for and what isn’t. It was a beautiful and necessary preparation for marriage! In my wedding ceremony, my boss, who is a pastor, married us. He reminded us to have each others’ back – to protect one another and take care of one another, and most importantly, to fight for one another. Whether it be a friend, parent, sibling, or spouse, make sure in your life you have someone who’s got your back. We’re not meant to walk through the battle of life alone.

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