Friday, March 19, 2010

Simply Show Up
I love to drop in on the ocean, no toys, chair, extra lotion or umbrella – just show up and see what she has for us! She never disappoints. Today her mighty waves provided challenge for the surfers. The little sticks found on her shore were transformed into spires for a grand castle. The breeze above her beckoned the seagulls to soar higher. The ocean is a place of never ending possibilities, especially when you visit her with children! Sometimes I clutter up the beautiful simplicity of life with a bunch of extra stuff. I feel like I need to come prepared, have all the right equipment, get back-ups just in case… But to simply show up, unannounced, no gear in tow, and allow nature to unfold her grand plan is to be surprised time and again. Nothing can be more entertaining, instructional, life-giving, and inspiring than the wonders God has created. We don’t need to have all the extra stuff, simply show up!

1 comment:

  1. I do that often with Finn while Olivia is at Malibu Pres. for preschool...I will just drive to Zuma and we will walk on the sand at Westward beach and see what we can see... it is always so peaceful and Finn always takes the best nap afterwards!!! :-)



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