Monday, March 15, 2010

There are so many things to celebrate in life. A little boy’s first haircut, a 40th birthday, a promotion, a wedding, a living God… The list goes on and on. Currently my life is filled with all of these celebrations and more in a matter of a month! As we hop from party to party, I’m reminded that even without a grand event, there are little things that happen every day that are worth celebrating. Like a child reaching an age where they can truly help in the kitchen, a friend who dropped in just to say hi, a brilliant blue sky with hills so green you’d swear you woke up in Ireland! Life has it’s share of tough, discouraging times that can swallow us up. To totally disregard our pain and frustration would in a way diminish the things worthy of celebration. In the midst of fatigue, fear, stress… let’s give equal time to the things worthy of celebration. Celebrate that you live in a free country. Celebrate that you have one good friend. Celebrate that a Living God knows your name and forever has you on His mind. So much of life is worth celebrating, open your eyes to see the party going on in yours today!

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