Friday, February 26, 2010

Call It What It Is
I think it’s really important to call things what they are and speak the truth. I’ve heard so many mothers refer to their defiant children as “spirited” or rebellious children as “passionate.” Really? I don’t want a defiant or rebellious child, but I sure would love a spirited passionate one! So, what’s wrong with simply telling the truth and saying that your child is rebellious? Or why must we justify a cold by saying, "my child might have allergies?” It’s a cold! That’s ok. We’re not going to leave them that way! But it’s important to call things as they are, speak the truth, so we can identify the true problem and heal, change, transform and bring about repentance. We make excuses, apologize, disguise, justify… but that isn’t helping anyone. In our own life it’s easy to do this with our own problems or struggles. But if we are honest with ourselves and God, and call it what it is, then we can be forgiven, transformed and move on. As long as we are misnaming reality, we will continue to live in a fantasy land where the truth isn’t known and no one is living into their full potential.

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